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How can you help?

Child and Youth Sponsorship

As you will have seen from the other web pages, we are hoping that many folk will assist us in supporting a child or young person in their educational journey.  As a sponsor you would get a yearly photo plus a letter each term, (or drawing if the child is too young to write), and also a copy of their end of term report.  In turn you can also write to your sponsor child/youth.


We have a dedicated sponsorship co-ordinator both in the UK and Uganda. We are working on getting someone for Kenya.


In Uganda, Gloria, who is training to be a teacher and who will eventually work at Hope Christian High School, is doing a great job!  If you wanted, you could even support her!


To support a child in Primary and Nursery will cost £15 per month.  


To support a young person in Secondary, would cost £30 per month.  


However, if you feel that you cannot contribute that much, you are welcome to put in what you can. There is no pressure to support to the whole amount.  We would probably find an additional sponsor to make up the child’s needs.


In the first instance, please fill in the form below:


Children and Youth sponsorship