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During this season of covid 19, the countries we work in are, in some ways, no different to here.  But there is a lot of ignorance about the virus and its effects.  People are trying to get around the restrictions, but all that is happening is that the virus is spreading.  The governments are trying to distribute food to the vulnerable, but it is a very small amount and not working properly yet.


The governments of Malawi, Kenya and Uganda have closed all schools.  This presents a big difficulty to the private school across the region.  With the schools closed, there are no children; no children means no school fees paid; no school fees paid means no salaries for the teachers. Teachers and staff are now on the bread line with no income.


So Hope in Africa has put together a 2 part rescue package.


1] We are sending out a part of the teachers’ salaries so that they can at least have something.  We cannot send the whole amount, but for all the primary schools it is about 50% of the salaries and the secondary, about 30%.  This will be sent out for three months and then reviewed.  This is taking the place of regular funds sent.


2] We are also sending out a community payment to allow our men to reach out to their communities to the neediest people.  This is £250 per month for the three months.


Patrick in Nakuru has already started distributing food and medical supplies to the neediest Grandparents of Morning Star children.


If you would like to help with this initiative, then either


Complete a bank transfer to our bank account:

Name: Hope in Africa

Bank: Santander

Sort code: 09-06-66

Account No:41245526


Or send a cheque to us at:

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Or you could send a Paypal donation using the 'donate' button at the top of the page.


If you are able to allow us to claim gift aid then please tell us by email:

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