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A-Kili Foundation

Empowerment Centre


The A-Kili Foundation was started in memory of Mr and Mrs Kili’s eldest daughter who passed away in 2012.  Matthew became a board member in 2013 and has assisted at that level in shaping the foundation.


The vision behind the Empowerment Centre is to an educational establishment that helps those who have not finished school, primary or secondary due to difficult circumstances. There is no need to bring any qualification, just come with a willing heart to learn!  


At present they teach:

For young women:



Make up including nails and massage


For young men:




Then also Computing, social work and a local driving school brings a car for lessons.


In the future, it is hoped to add Electrical installations, plumbing, motorbike maintenance, catering, agriculture and domestic service.


There are also regular events to engage the local youth, and one off seminars to assist local farmers in their work.


In 2017 Matthew designed a new college premises as at present they occupy a former primary school.


The A-Kili Foundation Empowerment Centre


How can you help?

The current need is for a new Centre Manager to be appointed. Up to now, Mr Kili has been paying the manager from his own pocket, and it would be great if several people could help by supporting the manager when they are in place. Their accommodation would be provided, but needs living costs. (Of course, if you felt led, you could always come and be the manager yourself!)

If you can help please click here.