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Bible Fellowship of Malawi

Bishop Damson Tambwali has planted over thirty churches in his time as a Bishop. At his main church in Limbe, near Blantyre, he has also started a primary school to address the needs of the local children. He started the school in the partially built church property.  


Since that time, Bible Fellowship of Malawi has been able to help him, with Edward from Uganda and his builders, to construct a good set of school buildings and help with teacher’s salaries. Now Hope in Africa will continue this by seeking sponsors for children from the school as well as assisting with the infrastructure of the school.  


The latest project has been to construct a school hall. It was agreed with the elders of the church that the church premises could double up as a school hall, so Edward with his foremen have been there and are building with local labour with make the church suitable for the school.    


It has been very exciting that the folk in Lugazi, Uganda have seen the people in Malawi as part of their mission field and sent over to help them on several occasions. Not only helping with construction, but also Prossy, Edward’s wife, going to encourage the teachers.


Matthew went to Limbe in September 2019 to be introduced to Damson and the school there. He also spoke at their annual conference while there. At that point, Matthew took over the oversight of this project.


Bible Fellowship of Malawi