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Elohim Nursery

and Primary School


Called to serve the community of Naluwerere, Uganda, Sebastian Juma and his wife Lydia started Elohim school to reach out to the large marginalised sector of society there. Over half of the children that attend the school come from families that can’t afford to send their children to school.  They even struggle to pay anything towards the day to day lunch.


Child2Child had the main classroom block built in 2008 and we have also run children’s workers seminars and a children’s camp there over the years.


At present there are just over 100 children attending the school so running costs are high per pupil.


We did ask the question about closing, but if the school did close, then the children would actually go nowhere as no other school would allow children to attend without fees.


We have asked the school to create a five year plan to bring the school up to a good level.

Elohim Nursery and Primary School, Naluwerere, Uganda

How can you help?

It seems to be an ongoing problem to raise school fees to pay the teachers.  If the teachers get paid, then teachers stay, and that in turn brings confidence to the local parents.  It is our hope that we can sufficient pupils sponsored to enable to school to start to improve.  To help, please click here.