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Hope for Lugazi:

Hope Christian High School

Hope Christian High School, Lugazi, Uganda


From a calling to help orphaned teenagers, Edward and Prossy Nsimbi have established Hope for Lugazi in Uganda, with John Ray forming Hope for Lugazi UK, now a registered charity.

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Edward started by putting youth into secondary schools around the town, but now has built a large school that currently has 600 pupils on roll. Many are supported through Hope for Lugazi UK.  Once the students reach the end of secondary, they are still supported as they go to the next level of college or university.  Many young people are now successful in Uganda thanks to Hope for Lugazi.

There have been several trusts in England that have helped substantially towards the infrastructure of the school.  Edward and Prossy, and the folk of Lugazi look first to God for His supply and then secondly to the support in the UK.  They are grateful for the support that we are able to send their way.


Hope for Lugazi has a shop in the town that sells dried grains, rice, etc., and all profits go towards the school fund.


Hope also has a 10 acre farm which grows maize, matoke bananas, cassava, pumpkin and raises cows, pigs and goats.  This is a self supporting farm, (by selling the milk), and goes a long way to help feed the students in school.  During the school holidays the pupils that are supported by Hope for Lugazi, both UG and UK, work on the farm and their wages are kept for future needs of the young people.  Recently, William had worked there for the holidays and had saved 10,000 Uganda Shillings, (£2.00), and when he caught typhoid he put that money towards his treatment. We topped up the rest. (£5.00)


One nice problem the school has is that being successful, the school has grown and so larger and more buildings are needed to continue the learning process.

How can you help?


Edward does not want to turn away any needy student.  The school has a system already that of the 600 pupils 60 are given bursaries, but more are needed to be sponsored.  If you would like to help with the young people’s fees, then please click here.


If you would like to help with the building program, as a new hall is needed especially for government exams, a new dormitory block to conform to the latest government regulations, and the completion of other buildings that are in the process of being constructed, then please click here.