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Kenyan Family


The reason Child2Child started was to help street children in Kenya.  C2C was the Worthing Churches Millennium Project for Children in 1999 and most of the Middle schools in the town were involved in raising funds to build a rehabilitation Centre.  Over £35,000 was raised and at least half of that was raised by under twelves!  The centre was built in 2001.


Many boys came to the centre over the years but there are eight who have stayed the course.  The Barrows moved to Kenya to care for those 8 in their own home in Nakuru, a further boy being added once they had arrived.


The boys, now young men, have all but one left the program and are supporting themselves.  Life in Kenya is tough, but God is helping them stand on their own feet.  The youngest, James, is still in construction college, and will graduate in 2020.

Nelson Gitonga

Nelson Gitonga, the eldest of the group. Has always had a heart for the less fortunate.  He is currently in his last year of studying to become a lawyer.  He is also funding himself by going to schools and inspirationally speaking to the students.  He wants to be the President of Kenya one day.

Daniel Mugai

Daniel Mugai lives in Limuru, near Nairobi.  He plays football and for a job he cuts hair, but also cooks chips!  He is the eldest of three brothers who have been under C2C’s care.

Isaac Maina

Isaac Maina has been in Uganda working for Edward but has just returned to Kenya.  When he finished school he first attended Bible college, then after a brief business college course, he attended the National Youth Service in Gilgil.  After that he worked as a fast food seller before moving over to Uganda in June, 2018.

Peter Kibe

Pete Kibe is working as a mechanic near Nairobi.  He qualified with a certificate course in 2016 and lives near Nairobi.  He has recently lost both his Grandmother and father. His dream is to build a house where we can stay when we visit Kenya.

Sammy Maina
Ibrahim Ndun'gu

Sammy Maina lives in Nakuru and works as a chef after qualifying from Mwangaza college, Nakuru in 2017.  He has not seen his family since he left for the street in 1997 at an early age, and does not know where his mum lives.

Kirwa trained in Political Science and Public Administration in Kisii University, graduating in 2016.  He was accepted into the police force the following year.  He is currently posted in Mandera, the second most dangerous place in Kenya!  He and his police comrades are the first line of defence at the border on Kenya and Somalia.

James, Daniel and Ephantus’ younger brother, is still in college at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology.  He is in his second year of a Construction Diploma.  When he completes his studies he will be able to be a part of the office team for a contractor.

Ibrahim Ndun’gu is our resident musician!  He lives in Nakuru and composes and sings gospel music.  If you want to listen to any of his music you can see his YouTube channel, Zawadi Classic. In 2018 he was diagnosed with cancer and in December 2018 started chemotherapy.  We are waiting to hear that the treatment has been successful.

Ephantus trained in accounting at Railway Training Institute and then at another college, Nairobi and qualified with a diploma in 2017. He went for his attachment at CPF, a pension fund for government workers in Nairobi, Run by Mr Kili!), then he became an intern there.  In September 2018 he got a permanent post as assistant accountant.

Over the five years that M & M lived in Kenya the boys graduated from High school. As they went to colleges around Kenya they were put into small accommodation close to their colleges and started their independent lives. Once their college course was finished they were supported for a further four months as they got on their own feet.  Although this has brought new struggles for them, most have seen God’s hand in helping them.


Once James has finished his college and is finally self supporting, Child2Child in its current form will stop.  Of course M & M will still continue to visit them as they travel through East Africa.


How can you help?

James has sponsors that pay for his college and living, but occasionally there are extra needs when things are stolen or he has a particular college trip.  Please pray for these young men to live well, to Christian standards, that they may show God’s gospel and light to those around them.


Ibrahim has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He has had the growth removed and is now having chemotherapy treatment.

Our Kenyan Family