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Matt and Michelle

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Matt and Michelle Barrow


Matthew and Michelle Barrow have been involved in East Africa since 1990.  Matthew taught construction in Lugazi in 1991 and since then has travelled to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya many time ministering mainly to children and young people.


Together they started Child2Child in 1999.  Children in the UK helping street children in Kenya.  They organised the building of a rehabilitation centre near Nairobi in 2001, and then in 2012, they moved to Kenya to care for nine teenage boys. They helped them through their secondary education, colleges, and now eight of the nine are standing on their own feet, and the youngest is in college studying construction.


In 2017 they returned to England, and Worthing in particular, to be near their family.  They are running Hope In Africa, Matthew being the day to day administrator and Michelle overseeing the accounts.