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Morning Star Academy

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Morning Star Academy, Engashura, Nakuru, Kenya


Started by Bishop Patrick Munyua in response to the need in the rural area of Engashura, on the outskirts of Nakuru, Morning Star Academy is a nursery and primary school assisting the less fortunate village families.


For many of the children attending the school, the cooked hot lunch is their only meal of the day. Many parents are just casual labourers and so they take what work they can.

In 2017 Child2Child had one of the classrooms painted by volunteers from Worthing and in early 2018 Child2Child paid for a new toilet block to be built. A team from Germany often visit and help out too.


Many of the families cannot pay much in the way of school fees and Patrick is always putting his hand in his own pocket to subsidise the running of the school.

How can you help?

Many parents just don’t have money other than to survive day to day.  So in the first instance, child sponsorship is needed.  If you would like to support a child in this school then please click here.