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Michael Cranefield
David Medlock
Matt and Michelle

These are the trustees of Hope in Africa:

Jamie and Christine Wright


Jamie first visited East Africa with Matthew in 2001 to help build the rehabilitation Cnetnre in Nairobi. Since then he has travelled over East Africa, making many friends.  He was in Lugazi, Uganda, and met Christine who was working with Edward Nsimbi. They married in 2015, and now live in Epsom, Surrey where they are members of Epsom Christian Fellowship.


They want to bring a real knowledge of Uganda and its culture to the work of Hope in Africa.

Anton Green


Anton has been has been linked with Kenya and Uganda for 23 years, starting with Living Hope Ministries.

He then started working with Pastor John Obayo, initially in Kibera, but has now moved to Obambo in Western Kenya.  

He is a member of Emmanuel Church in Hangleton, married with three children and nine grandchildren.

Before Anton reitred, he was a Social Worker in childcare (family support, child protection, fostering and adoption. Later he was a family centre manager and childrens centre manager. His last job was setting up Lancing Childrens Centre.

Michael Cranefield


After qualifying as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, Michael worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo for 8 years with the Baptist Missionary Society. As a family they lived and worked in a hospital, training and teaching.  


Returning to the UK, Michael qualified and worked as a Science Teacher.


He has been involved with the projects in Lugazi for many years, and has been able to make two visits. The first time was right at the very beginning on a fact finding visit with John Ray, and later to see the new Secondary School building and to open a new Science Teaching laboratory.

David Medlock


David has been married to Yvonne for 50 years and they have two children and seven grandchildren.


David was involved in the planting of a church in Reading in the early 1970s, when God was bringing many young people to salvation and the fullness in the Holy Spirit. He was one of the elders in the church as it grew as well as being in full-time secular employment.


For a number of years he was principal of the Church Life School based in the church, with students coming from many parts of the world to study. This resulted in a number of overseas involvement, which he and others have followed up and continue to actively encourage the overseas pastors and congregations with whom links were formed over the years.


In the mid-1990s. He was released from responsibility in the local church to be free to travel overseas to encourage mission workers and indigenous believers who had links with the home church in Reading. He joined HIA in September 2018 as a Trustee.

Matthew and Michelle Barrow 


They live in Worthing, West Sussex near their four married daughters and their eight grandchildren.  They attend Clifton Community Church where they are responsible for the Children and Young People’s work.  


Over the years Matthew has been involved in many primary schools in Worthing, taking assemblies, teaching RE and African Geography. They started Child2Child in 1999 and it became the Worthing Churches Millennium project for children.  


In 2001 Matthew led a building team to build a rehabilitation centre outside Nairobi.  In 2012 they went to live in Kenya to care for 9 teenage boys who used to live on the streets.  They are now back in England and happy to be the new leaders of Hope In Africa.

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